ELMA BPM - Digital Transformation Tool

ELMA not only solves automation tasks, which include design and execution of work processes. The BPM system helps to monitor the effectiveness of processes and evaluate the benefits of changes made to them. It is a tool for continuous business improvement. Transformation of processes gradually leads to the digital transformation of the company itself.

At the same time, it is important to look at the specific tasks of the business behind digital transformation - reducing costs and improving Customer Experience. And solve them through effective management of business processes.

How ELMA BPM Works

Order in business processes

ELMA BPM provides simplicity of simulations and speed of changes to processes and helps to track how these changes affect the business. The system helps in finding bottlenecks, which allows you to seriously optimize the company's business processes.


Processes are modeled by analysts in a visual editor based on business requirements. Quickly, clearly and without the need for programmers.


The process becomes executable immediately after the simulation. The BPM system sends executives tasks and data that employees work with as part of the business process.


Based on data and metrics, as well as feedback from users and management, adjustments are made to business processes right in the process. With each subsequent iteration, the process becomes more efficient.


The system monitors the work of employees in real time and monitors key performance indicators of the entire company.

ELMA is the most implemented BPM system in Russia. Over 10 years, we have helped change 2,000 companies from various business sectors.

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ELMA Features

Along with a simple and intuitive interface, the system has enormous functionality that allows us to ensure high-quality implementation of the most complex technical business needs.

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ELMA Integration

ELMA integrates seamlessly into the company's IT landscape, supporting two-way integration with various third-party systems. Using the Microsoft technology stack creates great opportunities for integration and expansion of the system. And the use of data buses allows you to connect information systems and people involved in business processes into a single chain of interaction.

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Five reasons to introduce ELMA BPM business process management

ELMA Applications

We are sure that with the help of the process approach it is possible to solve any applied problems. Therefore, on the ELMA platform, we have implemented additional applications that automate business processes in key subject areas.


Electronic document management, in which document flow paths are determined by business processes existing in the company.

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CRM, allowing you to build an end-to-end sales process. Employees throughout the company understand that they are working to create value for the client.

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An application that puts in order the activities of professional design organizations and replaces the repeating stages of the project with clear business processes.

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A performance management system that links strategic goals with the company's operations.

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